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Audio File Recommendations

When sending us a file of your song(s), it is preferable (but not mandatory) that it has been recorded to a click track. A two measure count in is recommended. Also, send any and all information about the song such as BPM, the key it’s in, the style/genre, song name, and all creative elements you have in mind. The more clear and more concise your creative ideas, the better. If anything is unclear, we will contact you with any additional questions or concerns. You can also call us at 941-961-8344 or via Skype for an initial consultation.

Multiple Song, Full Albums & Large Files

If you are sending multiple songs, or large files please send them via email or use an audio upload site like SoundCloud. We will contact you in 1 to 2 business days of your submission. Feel free to call us any time for further inquiries.

Presonus Studio