How it works

Custom Loops Service Explained

  1. Contact us either by phone, email, Skype or the “contact” page of this website.
  2. Send us a .mp3 of your song(s). Please see “what to send us” below
  3. Pay the custom loops fee via PayPal.
  4. We write and record your loops for each specific part of your project or beat. In most cases we send multiple ideas for each song to give you the maximum opportunity in the creation of your song.
  5. We transfer your exclusive, custom guitar or bass loops to you, as your own personal, exclusive loop pack specifically designed for your project.
  6. You are then free to incorporate your new guitar and bass loops into your project. You can chop, slice, dice, mix, match, and tweak these loops until your heart’s content. Sell as many millions of records using these loops as you possibly can. You own them entirely. The only thing we ask is that they never are resold as loops.
  7. If you feel there is just one small thing missing, or just some slight tweak you really desire for your track, we will accommodate you within reason.

What to send us


Please send any and all information about the song or project such as beats per minute, the key, and all creative elements you have in mind. If you are wanting a specific guitar or bass tone please try to clearly explain that the best that you can. Also, any links of specific songs with guitar or bass parts you are thinking of are extremely helpful. You may call us on the phone or via Skype with any questions or details.

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