Acoustic Cutz

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Acoustic Cutz is a collection of blazing acoustic guitar loops designed to inspire your productions to the next level. Nothing beats the sound of a quality acoustic guitar played by a professional musician, and that is exactly what we are offering with Acoustic Cutz. 79 high quality loops written and played by a session musician. 3 different quality guitars where used in the tracking of this project, a Taylor K12, a Guild GAD150 and a Yamaha AC3M. Multi tracking was also used and a few different condenser microphones where utilized including a Carvin Tube mic. The Taylor expression system was also employed for some of these takes. From Hip Hop to Country this pack has got it! • 3 different tempos • Many keys and styles • 79 loops • 24-Bit WAV • 330 MB of content

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Price: $39.99

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