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House Construction Kit Full Mix

Surf Guitar Music Sample

This is a freebie pack with samples from our R&B and Hip Hop, Rage Against the Mechanical, Surf Guitar, and House, Disco and Funk packs. Over 65 high quality guitar samples from each pack, as well as construction kits of multiple guitar parts, are arranged in keys and tempos. We also included a guitar pack that works with the stock Maschine Project, "Don't Cheat," which is labeled under "R&B guitar; the Edge," for all the Maschine users out there. Of course, you don't need that project to use those samples. See the preview above. There is also a full-on production Construction Kit from our House Disco and Funk pack, which features not only real guitars and basses, but also vocals, effected vocals, drums, and effected drums. The full mix of the construction kit is also in the sample above. A full music sample from our Surf guitar pack is included in this freebie for you to use in your production, remix, or sample. Also, be sure to keep our "Custom Exclusive" services in mind.

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