House Guitar; Funk & Disco

Loop Pack Demo

'House Guitar; Funk and Disco' is a sample pack of funky guitar loops inspired by the Disco era of the 70's. Rhtyhm guitar and Lead guitar included in this pack. This style of guitar works great for House music, but can add a great dynamic and warmth to all genres of digital music. This kit is organized into to different Tempos, 120 and 140. Many different keys for each tempo are included. Also a bonus construction kit for each tempo is included. The construction kits have guitar, bass, drums, effects and Vocals, The construction kits are exactly what you hear in the demo. • 24 bit WAV • 445MB of content • 102 individual loops and samples • 2 tempos, many different keys • Includes 2 construction kits

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Price: $39.99

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