the Wonderland; Bass Guitar Grooves

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"The Wonderland; Bass Grooves" is a collection of bass guitar loops that is sure to inspire and liven up your production. Hard hitting dirty bass lines and smooth funky bass lines are the definition of "the Wonderland." Slap and popping bass techniques fill some of these grooves. 18 different keys and 10 different tempos are included. Straight ahead pop feels to G funk walking basslines. 3 different basses where used in the making of this Wonderland including, Fender P and J basses and a Ernie Ball Stingray for that Disco funk pop flavor. • 24-Bit WAV • 550 MB of content • 114 individual loops • 12 tempos, many different keys • Includes 2 Construction Kits

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Price: $39.99

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